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Jadis Orchestra Reference MkII Integrated Amplifier


The Orchestra Reference MkII is a 40 watt, KT120, class AB integrated amplifier. The Orchestra is a hybrid design with a solid state preamp and tube output. It requires manual biasing, however this allows a surprisingly affordable price which brings Jadis performance to virtually any music lover.

Jadis I-35 Class A Integrated Amplifier


The I-35 is a newer design destined to become the top selling Jadis model of all time. It is a 30 watt, pure class-A integrated amplifier featuring KT120 tubes. The I-35 delivers a healthy helping of the ultimate performance at outstanding value. If you want true high end sound, incredible musicality but still at a highly affordable price then consider the I-35.

“The Jadis sounded magnificent… the I-35 delivered every bit of the presence, tone and texture that I would hope to hear from a contemporary tube amplifier: no small feat in itself. This is a damn good amp for getting to the essence of music.” – Art Dudley, Stereophile, January 2014

Jadis I-50 Class A Integrated Amplifier


Take everything said about the Jadis I-35 and multiply by TEN… that’s the performance of the new Jadis I-50. More resolved, more detail, tighter bass, better acoustical space and imaging, better rhythmic flow… The new Jadis I-50 makes perfect use of the new Tung-sol KT150 power tube. From Tung-sol, we learn that:”With the new KT150, Tung-Sol continues to lead in the audio power tube, power game. After the introduction of the highly successful Tung-Sol KT120, Russi a’s premier vacuum tube inventor, Valery Krivtsov, in collaboration with Irusha Bitukova and a team of ExpoPUL tube designers, set to work in our laboratories to develop an even more powerful audio output tube. With a massive plate dissipation of 70 watts, the Tung-Sol KT150 is the most powerful octal beam tetrode ever produced. A pair of KT150s can allow an amplifier with a power output approaching 300 watts to be built. The Tung-Sol KT150 glass envelope is a special egg shaped balloon that was developed to improve thermal dissipation and maintain a superior vacuum for the best sound. The fact that the glass envelope has no flat sides means the Tung-Sol KT150 has no problems with micro phonics.”

Vacuum Tube Technology is evolving and improving, and the Tung-sol KT-150 is the pinnacle of power tube design. Using a pair of KT150s per channel, Jadis in France, has built the perfect Tube Class A amplifier. Build to exacting standards including the use of the best polypropylene capacitors and Highest Quality of Resistors, hand wound output transformer specially designed for the KT150 tube, point to point wiring, a chassis shielding that is immune to Radio Frequencies and Pure Class A Design, the Jadis I-50 is the essence of Quality from building the finest Vacuum Tube amplifiers for over forty years. With power, pace, and the ultimate definition, the Jadis I-50 will drive speakers with sensitivity of 89dB or more to an amazing room filling capacity. Come and hear it at Pat’s Audio Art in Vancouver, BC.

Jadis DA88S MkII Class A Integrated Amplifier


If you need a little more power than the I-35 the DA88S delivers. It’s a powerful 60 watt, pure class-A, KT120 integrated amplifier, (pictured above). Pure Heaven. All Jadis integrated amps are available with an optional remote control for $425, and are self (automatic) biasing unless otherwise indicated.

Jadis JP15 Pre-amplifier


The JP15 is the new Jadis entry level single box stereo line pre-amplifier. Tube complement is 1 ECC82 and 1 ECC83. Six line inputs, 2 outputs, gain 23dB, bandwidth 20Hz – 74 kHz. The JP15 delivers a wonderful sound with a deep wide soundstage.

Jadis PRE-1 Pre-amplifier


The PRE1 is brand new for 2014. It replaces the JPL preamplifier and offers very substantial improvements over the JPL. The PRE1 is a single case stereo line pre-amplifier with a more advanced circuit design, point-to-point wiring and available in either balanced or single ended configurations. The PRE1 is a true monoblock pre-amplifier designed to get the most of of any Jadis power amplifier, all of which can be configured in balanced.

Jadis JPS2 Mk II Pre-amplifier with Separate Power Supply


Jadis JPL, JP80MC, JP800. Click for large image. The JPS2 is a stereo line pre-amplifier with an outboard power supply. It uses 1 ECC82, 3 ECC83, 1 EF86 and 1 EL84. The JPS2 features a dual volume control design for the purest sound possible, but optionally can be ordered with the volume controls “ganged” together for a simple one-touch operation. Gain 24dB, 6 line inputs, 1 output, monitoring, unbalanced. Bandwidth 20Hz – 74kHz.

Jadis JP80MC Mk2 Pre-amplifier


The JP80MC is a stereo pre-amplifier with built in MM/MC phono and an outboard power supply. It is the most well known preamplifier made by Jadis due to its incredible sound quality. Its phono stage accepts all MM or MC cartridges even if they have very low impedance. This model is a great choice for any music lover. It uses 2 ECC88, 6 ECC83, 1 EF86, 1 EL84. Gain 20dB line level, 57 dB on MM phono and 84dB on MC phono. 4 line inputs, 1 MM input and 1 MC input. Bandwidth 20Hz – 50kHz. Shown in middle picture at right.

Jadis JPS-200MC Pre-amplifier


The next step up is the JP200MC, a four-box system. Two mono pre-amplifiers with phono and each with its own outboard power supply.

Jadis JP-500 Pre-amplifier


The ultimate expression of the art. Line pre-amplifier with output transformer. Available in balanced or unbalanced configuration. 14dB of gain, 6 line inputs, 2 outputs. Bandwidth 20 Hz – 50kHz. Tube complement: 6 ECC82, 2 ECC83, 2 EF86, 6 EL84. Shown in bottom picture at right.

Jadis JA15 Power Amplifier


The new JA15 is a class AB, 40 watt KT120 mono-block amplifier. Manual bias. Unbalanced only.

Jadis PA100 Stereo Power Amplifier


The much-loved DA7 is replaced in 2014 by the new PA100 stereo power amplifier. The PA100 is an all-new design and a major upgrade sonically. It features: a new circuit design, point-to-point wiring, upgraded components, external tube protection. Twelve KT120 tubes give a power upgrade to 150 watts. Weight approximately 120 lbs. Manual bias. Choice of balanced or unbalanced configuration.

Jadis JA80 MkII 4 Chassis Mono Block Class A KT150 Power Amplifiers X 2


With 60 watts of pure class A power the JA80 is one of the most well known and popular amplifiers in the Jadis line. Like essentially all Jadis products, the JA80 has been refined and improved over the years. A pair of JA80 mono-block amplifier uses 8 KT120, 2 ECC82 and 2 ECC83 tubes. Each amp weighs 87 lbs.

Jadis JA120 4 Chassis Mono Block Class A KT120 Power Amplifiers X 2


The JA120 is new for 2013. The new JA120 builds on Jadis’ tradition of combining fine hand craftsmanship with state-of-the-art innovation and design. The JA120 benefits from several important enhancements and raises the bar with no-compromise performance at Jadis’ mid-price level.

Jadis JA120 MonoblocksThe JA120 is a push-pull monoblock pair which effortlessly cranks out 100 watts of pure class A power. The JA120 uses the newer, more powerful KT120 output tubes and an additional front end tube which adds more gain to the driver circuit. This means the JA120 doesn’t drive its tubes hard so the six output tubes comfortably deliver 100 watts. This new design offers the perfect blend of the big, bold, dynamic power of Jadis’ world renowned JA200 with the immediacy and delicacy of their lower power JA30.

Of course the JA120 features Jadis’ custom in-house, hand-wound output transformers which have been continuously refined and substantially improved since 2009. The output transformers, guaranteed for life, will accommodate speakers with impedance from 1 to 16 ohms.

Audio circuit protection is enhanced by new, easy to change, fuses. Other features include: pure point to point wiring, auto bias operation, oversized power transformer for better dissipation of heat and vibration, improved mechanical isolation, twin output terminals for bi-wiring, gold plated connectors, and a high grade, non-magnetic, stainless steel chassis which eliminates RF interference.

“You’ll find no better or more tractable tool than the JA120. Big, heavy and pricey it may be, but it has power to spare and musical authority to burn. The trick is to deliver that, but to master subtlety and delicacy too – and that’s where the 120s really score.” – Roy Gregory, HiFi+, November 2012

The JA120 is a set of two mono amplifiers. Each amplifier measures 28″ x 12″ x 10″ and weighs 99 lbs. Tube complement for each amp is: 6 KT120, 2 12AU7, 1 12AX7. $33,500.

Jadis JA200 MkII 4 Chassis Mono Block Class A KT150 Power Amplifiers X 2


The JA200 will take you where very few have gone before; 160 watts of pure class A power. This four box set of ultimate musicality features two mono-block amplifiers each with its own separate power supply. A total of 20 KT120, 2 ECC82 and 2 ECC83 tubes are used. Probably the last amp you’ll ever buy.

Jadis JA500 KT150 ED 4 Chassis Mono Block Power Amplifiers


The JA500 is an improved version of the JA800 amplifier and is Jadis` flagship power amplifier. The JA500 has the same number of tubes as the old JA800 but has improvements in reliability and ease of set up. The JA500 delivers a mind-blowing 350 watts. Uses a total of 28 KT90, 6 ECC82, 2 ECC83 and 4 EF86 tubes. Power consumption 1,000 watts per channel. Class AB, manual bias.