NAIM SUPERUNITI · Streamer & Integrated Amplifier


Naim SuperUniti combines the circuitries from the Highly Rated Naim SuperNAIT 2 Amplifier and Naim NDX Stremer to create a High Performance all in one unit that is Best in Class even when compared to units at twice its price. SuperUniti is an integrated wireless UPnP network stream player, USB audio player, iPod dock, internet radio, DAB/FM radio, ten input digital and analogue preamplifier, digital to analogue converter and stereo 80W power amplifier. And it even includes Bluetooth (aptX) connectivity and built-in support for Spotify Connect. The SuperUniti packs a lot of value in a compact, easy to use component, Dimensions HxWxD: 3.6″x17.3″x12.6″, Note: Antennae may take up more room. Weight: 28.2 lbs.