Some people maintain that the best sounding amplifiers use vacuum tubes, but this generalization would be unfair to Jadis Electronics. Jadis was one of the very first tube amplifier manufacturer to use the best sounding electronic parts like by-pass capacitors, resistors, transformer, etc… Even before Audio Research (Reference Series) or Conrad Johnson (Premier Series) “discovered” that better electronic components made a world of difference in sonic improvements. And McIntosh tube amplifiers? They are so stuck in the past that they do not use premium audio components. No wonder Jadis Electronics has been considered the Finest Integrated, Preamp and Power Amp line on the market.

TODAY’s Jadis: Today’s Jadis Electronics is an on-going evolution of the best in vacuum tube technology in electronics. Their third generation house wound power and output transformers are now improved and refined. Jadis are meticulously hand built with point to point wiring using the highest purity copper wiring and resin coated to further reduce noise. The Jadis preamps internal wiring has been upgraded to a higher quality silver cable, and the Jadis Phono Preamp uses the finest sounding capacitors and likewise, only the latest and finest sounding electronic components are sought out and utilized. The unusually shiny Jadis chassis is made out of the highest quality surgical stainless steel to be made impenetrable to hum and noise. Exploration of the new power tubes like KT120 and KT150 is on-going at Jadis. All this, without changing the models of the lines. For instance, today’s Jadis JA200 Mk II with the KT150’s is more powerful and substantially improved over the Jadis JA200 of old.

Pat’s Audio Art recommends Jadis components as the finest sounding audio components on the market.

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