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Already own a high quality amplifier? The NAD D1050 DAC is the best way to add Computer Audio and HD Digital to your component hi-fi system. Both the digital and the analog circuits are highly optimized and based on techniques developed over 40 years of NAD audio engineering excellence. The digital inputs cater to many different digital sources. SPDIF inputs support balanced AES/EBU, coaxial and optical connectors. The USB input is very special; its asynchronous operation mode uses the D 1050’s high precision clock to control the output of the connected USB device for lowest possible jitter. It also supports USB Audio Codec 2.0 allowing 192kHz signal transmission. The NAD D1050 is for those who have an amplifier already and want even better Digital to Analogue processing. This Five Star rated DAC is only $550 CDN and outperforms many $2000 DACs.

NAD D3020 Digital Amplifier


The original NAD 3020 introduced a generation of Music Lovers to true high fidelity sound. In the ‘70’s over a million people rediscovered their music when they placed a NAD 3020 between their turntable and their loudspeakers. This little gem could embarrass amplifiers costing 10 times more with its big, warm and detailed sound. Once people realized what they had been missing it lead them to a lifetime of enhanced musical enjoyment.

REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE: Best Stereo Amp 2014 NAD D3020.

NAD rewrote the rules for amplifiers by designing the 3020 for the real world; instead of allowing laboratory test equipment to have the last word, they made sure that the amp could properly drive real loudspeakers with real music. The result of this real world approach was an amplifier that had less cost and more sound.

Today the source is more likely to be a computer or a smart phone then a turntable, but the ability to choose speakers that perfectly suit your taste is still a compelling argument for upgrading to a NAD amplifier. The D 3020 stars with the original NAD concept and takes it straight to the 21st century using the latest high speed digital technology.

Introduced late 2014, the NAD D3020 has garnered many “BEST OF’ awards from What Hi-Fi?, Stereophile, Absolute Sound, Sound and Vision, Hi-Fidelity, etc. Priced at only $549.99 Canadian, NAD D3020 has also become our favorite pick at Pat’s Audio Art.

NAD D7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier


The Bigger Brother to the NAD D3020 Digital Amplifier has even more connectivity with more power. NAD’s power means punchier, more detail with higher resolution. In addition to Bluetooth Apt. X connectivity, the NAD D7050 features Airplay, Direct Streaming (via Ethernet) and Asynchronous Streaming from computers (via USB) with several more inputs. The NAD D7050 also features a dedicated High Quality Class A Headphone Amplifier, giving full value for those who listens to music through headphones. The NAD D7050 is an incredible value at $1299 Canadian.

NAD C316BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Proprietary PowerDrive™ Circuit offers a remarkable combination of high current drive needed for complex loudspeaker loads combined with high levels of undistorted dynamic power. Bjørn Erik Edvardsen, our Director of Advanced Development, developed a simplified version of PowerDrive for the C 316BEE. Budget-friendly: True to our enviable reputation for creating some of the best performing budget amplifiers of all time, the C 316BEE delivers huge performance without the huge price tag. Dynamic Power Reserves: Continuous power is a conservative 40 watts and dynamic power, which is more important for music listening, is remarkably more than 100 watts! Far more usable power on tap than other amps at this price point. Stereophile Recommended and Better Rated than tube amplifiers: “I didn’t love the JoLida FX 10 as much as I’d hoped I would, but I loved the NAD C 316BEE more than I’d expected to. ” “But I was more impressed by the NAD’s ability to follow complex musical passages and make clear, truthful distinctions among musical instruments. While the JoLida FX 10 did a fine job of separating instruments in space, the NAD excelled at imparting the natural colors of Coleman’s alto sax and Don Cherry’s cornet, pulling the instruments apart and bringing them together beautifully, as if in fluid dance or warm embrace, as the song twisted, unraveled, turned, and walked away”. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 2.75x 9.5″ Weight: 11.5 lbs.

NAD C326BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Top Rated Amplifier of the Year Award by The Absolute Sound. The BEE stands for Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, and the three Edvardsen-designed circuits contribute to the amp section’s remarkable dynamic performance. The “soft-clipping” circuit monitors the output so that as clipping approaches, the power-supply rail limits output while allowing a moderate amount of benign overdrive. The “power-drive” circuit, based on Peter Mitchell’s studies of how much power is actually needed to replay music at natural levels, optimizes the output devices for high-current delivery; a second winding on the power transformer monitors output current, output voltage, and temperature to provide enough current on a short-term basis (e.g., 40 to 50 milliseconds) to handle large transients. Finally, “while most class A/B amplifiers use the output stage as a current dumper, in the ‘distortion-cancelling’ circuit Evardsen configures the output transistors to provide a small voltage-gain to which is added a local feedback-loop that reduces distortion even lower, to around 0.005 percent.” Local Feedback gives the amplifier far better stability than Gobal Feedback. Also Top rated by What Hi-Fi, Five Stars: The NAD C326BEE is the latest in NAD’s range of affordably priced, yet very high performance Stereo Integrated Amplifiers. Neatly slotted in between our most affordable C 316BEE and more powerful C 355BEE, the C 326BEE boasts many upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier. These include application of Bjørn Erik Edvardsen’s innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply. An improved tone control circuit and revised PCB layout has reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Taken together, these improvements mark a sharp upturn in performance that must be heard to be fully appreciated! Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 4 x 11.25″. Weight: 15.21 lbs.

NAD C356BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Combining all three of Bjorn Erik Edvardsen’s Amplifier Design Upgrades, the NAD C356BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier was top rated by Absolute Sound Editors Choice Awards and Hi-Fi Choice Five Star Recommended Amplifier. Able to drive the most complex loudspeakers to their full musical potential, the C 356BEE remains eminently affordable. In fact, we invite you to compare the C 356BEE to amplifiers costing two to three times more. With features like Preamp Out and MDC, the C 356BEE can grow with your needs and desires, enhancing both sustainability and value. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2×4.5×11.5″. Weight: 18.75 lbs.

NAD C356BEE DAC2 Stereo Integrated Amplifier with DAC


Specs are just as above, but with DAC2 built in. The C 356BEE DAC2, equipped with our MDC DAC Digital Analogue Converter, allows computer music to be streamed from your computer or attached storage device without musical compromise. MDC makes future upgrades possible with interchangeable modules! Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 5 x 13.2″. Weight: 19.6 lbs.

NAD C375BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier


The NAD C 375BEE has many upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier. Attention to the most minute detail is evident everywhere, from the heavy gauge steel chassis to the sophisticated power supplies and copper buss bars channeling almost absurd amounts of current to the custom gold plated speaker binding posts. Other upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier include application of Bjørn Erik Edvardsen’s innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply. An improved tone control circuit and revised PCB layout has reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Taken together, these improvements mark a sharp upturn in performance that simply must be heard, to be fully appreciated! Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 5.25 x 13.75″. Weight: 33.73 lbs.

NAD C390DD Direct Digital Amplifier


The NAD C390DD Direct Digital Amplifier keeps all your signal in the Digital Domain until the Output stage when it is connected to the Speakers. Absolute Sound was WOWed by this NAD wonder product and gave it Amplifier of the Year Award. “The NAD C 390DD is an extremely sophisticated, forward-looking product whose feature set perfectly matches the needs of today’s music listener.””…greatest strength was undoubtedly its authoritative bass and startling bottom-end dynamics. This amplifier sounded like a powerhouse, with rock-solid solidity to bass guitar and tremendous impact to kick drum.” And the NAD C390DD Direct Digital Amplifier can be upgraded to play your Phono with a Perfect Phono Stage DD AP-1 Module. It also can convert your TV/Apple TV/Blu-ray to Perfect 24/192K Stereo with the NAD DD-HDMI-1 Module. It comes standard with the DD USB1 Module and allow for Streaming Music with Its 35-bit architecture and 108MHz master clock, making Direct Digital one of the most accurate DAC technologies available. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2x 5.25 x 15.3″. Weight: 17 lbs.

NAD DD AP-1 MC/MM Phono Module for C390DD


This Phono Module can only be use with NAD C390DD. It has both Balanced Stereo Inputs (XLR) and Single-ended (RCA) Stereo Inputs. Selectable MM/MC with RIAA EQ performed in digital domain with Perfect Phase Alignment. 24/192 ADC with auto input ranging for maximum resolution without overload outputting to Class A input buffers.

NAD DD HDMI-1 HDMI Decoder Module for C390DD


This HDMI Module can only be used with NAD C390DD. It decodes your TV Cable Set-top Box, Apple TV, and Blu-Ray to perfect 24/192K Lossless Stereo. Of course, your device must have a HDMI output. The HDMI Output is a Pass Through with 3D and 1080P Capability. If your Muti-Channel Audio is unsatisfactory, this module will enhance your Audio Experience in Stereo.

NAD DD BluOS Module for C390DD


NAD DD BluOS Module can be used with C390DD only. The Module can hookup to Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi and operates in asynchronous mode for lowest jitter possible and allow connection to music stored anywhere on the local network or streamed directly from the Internet using a popular music services like Spotify Connect, Rdio, and Slacker. You can also play music from a USB drive or hard drive via the USB A port. There is a free APP for iOS and Android devices like a Tablet to manage your Music.

NAD C165BEE Preamp


Bjørn Erik Edvardsen has long been associated with the success of NAD components. Recent development in new semi-conductors and improved production techniques such as surface mount devices (SMDs) have created opportunities for BEE to improve performance far beyond expectation when compared to previous products in this price range. Hi-Fi Choice said, “these NAD’s (C165BEE preamp along with a NAD C245 power amp) seem to lift performance to another level, especially with music that moves quite swiftly. Changing textures and harmonies are beautifully reproduced and rapid melodic passages are exquisitely clear.” The NAD C165BEE Preamp is well equipped: MC/MM phono, six line levels inputs, sub and 2 preamp outs, Independent headphones Amp. It is a Stand Out with Performance that Outclasses its rivals. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 3x 11.25″. Weight: 13.3 lbs.

NAD C510 Digital Preamp/DAC


NAD C510 Digital Preamp is a bold design concept. It has no analogue inputs, but has lots of Digital Inputs like USB Asynch. to connect to your computer, or 3-S/PDIF inputs from your Digital Sources, and even a HDMI PCM decoder with Pass Through for HDMI Video. Long time Hi-Fi Choice contributor, Ed Selley, provides an in-depth three-page review of the C 510 and highlights it with a full five-star rating for its smooth sound quality and incredible value: “there is something about the space afforded to voices and instruments that is more reminiscent of tubes than serious digital processing…vocals in particular are rich, weighty and effortlessly convincing”. Single Ended (RCA) and Balanced (XLR) Outputs. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2x 3.95 x 12.25″. Weight: 10.4 lbs.

NAD C275BEE Power Amplifier


Bjorn Erik Edvardsen’s innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply are just some of the reasons this power amplifier sounds so good. A carefully engineered PCB layout has further reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Holmgren Toroidal Transformer, Dynamic Drive circuit with up to 600 Watts per channel of Dynamic Power for Transients, taken together, these all contribute why this the NAD C275BEE is such a powerhouse. 2×150 RMS Watts at 8 ohms with up to 600 Watts IHF Dynamic Power at 2 ohms. Dimensions HxWxD: 7.2 x 5.25 x 13.75″. Weight: 33 lbs.