Hand Crafted in Athens, Greece, the Tsakiridis vacuum tube amplifiers combine the best technology from the Old and New.  Although Vacuum Tubes are older technology, they are recognized by music lovers to produce far more natural and powerful amplification.

Tsakiridis is uniquely positioned in the High-End Audio World in that they very best components in their amplifiers. All of them use special Alps volume controls that closely track left and right channels with the best sound. Good quality Polypropylene Capacitors are used in their Standard Models, much more expensive Mundorf EVO Oil/Foil Capacitors are used in their Ultra Models, and insanely expensive Mundorf Supreme Oil/Foil Capacitors are incorporated into their top Ultima Amplifiers.  You will also find in the Ultima series, the very best WBT connectors and speaker terminals. Few manufacturers anywhere use as good parts, and those few that do, charge for them like jewelry, in the multi tens of thousand dollars.

The new technology now in the Tsakiridis amplifiers include an LCD panel that when switch to Bias Mode, show read-outs for all four power tube. Precise bias adjustments are easily made. We prefer adjustable bias compared to Auto Bias, where the audio signal is always compromised. It looks like we are not the only one, Audio Research has auto bias in their lower end amps and manual bias on their top of line ones. Some Tsakiridis amplifiers use the latest KT150 power tubes that is newly designed within the last couple of decades, not a hundred years old vacuum power tubes. With Tsakiridis Amplifiers, you get the best of old and new technology, and amazing price to performance to boot. At Pat’s Audio Art, we are proud to present Tsakiridis to our clients.

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