The Electrostatic Element is ideal for Headphones application. If you never heard a Stax Electrostatics EarSpeakers before, listen to one. You will immediately agree it is by far THE BEST headphones.

Electrostatic Headphones operate on a completely different and are more advanced than “Moving Coil”, “Dynamic” and “Electro-magnetic”  that all other Headphones work under. These other headphones have wires (or coils of it) in magnetic field moving a diaphragm that is often attached to a voice coil.  When an electrical current passes through these coil or arrays of wires, an Electromagnetism creates a force on the wire thereby moving the diaphragm.  This primitive method was invented back some 200 years ago, and is still in use because it is cheap and works reasonably well for most purposes.

In Electrostatic Headphones, an ultralight film suspended between 2 electrostatic fields, and when electrical signal is applied, to both fields, has a push-pull effect on the ultralight film. The Electrostatic fields control the sandwiched film from both sides, causing the film to move instantaneously with absolute control.

Electrostatic Headphones use diaphragms that are many times lighter than conventional headphones and controlled by electrostatic fields from both sides while magnetic systems have much heavier diaphragms moved from magnetic field from one side only, and most of these diaphragms are attached to a coil of wire.

Total Harmonic Distortion created by a pair of Electrostatic Headphones are substantially lower than conventional headphones or speakers. Electrostatic Headphones have a much wider frequency response range, and no resonances within their operating range. They are comfortable and light to wear for long periods, while speakers are subjected to room reflections, causing acoustical problems that requires many thousands of dollars of room treatment, headphones inherently are not affected by room acoustics.

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