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Cambridge Audio ID100 Digital iPad · iPhone · iTouch · iPod Dock


“The Cambridge Audio iD100 is a great little iPad-compatible digital audio dock that boasts a solid build and great sound… If a digital-output dock is what you're looking for, then the Cambridge Audio iD100 is currently the best on offer.” cnet Australia, April 2011

Cambridge Audio DacMagic


The DacMagic improves the sound of any Mac, PC, Soundbridge, Sonus, Squeezebox, Apple TV, Apple Airport Express, Games Consoles, LCD or Plasma TV with optical digital out, Blu-ray, CD, DVD players and comes highly recommended by many computer magazines.

A 32-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) eradicates jitter – an unfortunate side effect of playing back music from hard-disk devices like PCs and laptops. Whether you are playing uncompressed or compressed music, the difference in audible quality that the DacMagic makes is incredible!

Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus


Not sitting on the laurels of the top rated DAC MAGIC, Cambridge Audio has improved upon it with the ALL NEW DacMagic Plus. The DacMagic Plus has a Preamplifier build-in with volume control and a dedicated Headphone Amplifier. There are both RCA and XLR Balance Outputs to drive your power amplifier. Come to Pat’s Audio Art and audition the Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus. It will astound you with the improvements it can make on all your digital music including the outputs from the Apple TV, Mac Mini, and other computer sources. Get a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus, the best DAC for your money!

Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD Blu-ray/Universal Player


We call it the universal player because it plays SACD, DVD-A and CD. The quality of the CD playback alone is worth the price of admission. The fact it will playback Blu-ray with better picture and sound quality than just about any Blu-ray player at any price range is just a bonus! The All NEW Cambridge Azur 752BD is also a Digital Stream Player with Up-Sampling to 24/192K resolution for stunning sound reproduction for all 10 Channels (7.1 & 2.0 using separate DACs). Last year's 751BD was recommended by Home Theater Review as “worth every penny of the asking price. . . a real high-end bargain.” While Widescreen Review said, “. . . CD playback was the best I've ever heard from any single box disc player.” At Pat's Audio Art, we have done a number of comparisons between the Cambridge 751BD with $10K plus pieces like the now-discontinued Linn Uni-Disk Players, and the Cambridge comes up equal or ahead every time to our many listeners. Now the 752BD with better electronics and build-in DAC and streamer offers even better performance and features. Some of you may also have questions on how the Cambridge Azur 752BD compare to Oppo BDP-105? Here is what Widescreen Review found in March 2013: “The 752BD has the best analog sound quality I’ve heard from any Blu-ray Disc player so far . . . there, I said it. The high-end Blu-ray Disc player getting the most attention these days is the new Oppo BDP-105. But the 752 BD sounds better.” VIDEO: Video Processing on the Cambridge Azur 752BD is truly stunning. In fact, at home, I insert an HDMI Switcher in the input to up-convert my Shaw Cable Box, XBox-1, Playstation 4 and Apple TV. The Video up-converted looks sharper with more accurate color balance.

Cambridge Audio Topaz 10 CD Player


Good DACs with Superior Filtering and Super Well Regulated Power Supply makes the Cambridge Topaz 10 CD Player a great Buy. Full metal Chassis too. Black Only. Dimensions HxWxD: 3.2x17x12.7″. Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport


DAC is an essential tool to extract the most out of your system. Most of us have a DAC to play computer music, etc. The Cambridge CXC CD Transport is a Great CD Transport that does not make you twice for DAC, because it doesn't have one. The exceptional build with precise clocking makes this CD transport a MUST. Dimensions HxWxD: 3.4x17x12.5″. Avail: Silver or Black Front Panel. Weight: 10.4 lbs.

Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD Player


Whatever the Digital source maybe, this Cambridge 851C CD Player will make it better. With its twin DAC chips and Clocking Algorithm, the Cambridge 851C is one great CD Player and DAC. Avail: Silver or Black Front Panel. Dimensions HxWxD: 16.9 x 4.5 x 14.7”. Weight: 22 lbs.

Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2


Stream Magic 6 V2 is a fully featured upsampling network music player designed to deliver digitally stored music to your hi-fi in the highest quality.

Easy to set up and operate wirelessly, it dramatically enhances digital music files stored on computers, network drives and pretty much any gadget with a digital audio out connection. It will also allow you to discover the world of internet radio; a rich resource containing an incredible 20,000+ stations, with something for everyone guaranteed!

Controlling Stream Magic 6 V2 is a breeze either from the front panel, supplied remote, or best of all using your choice of free Stream Magic remote app for iPhone, iPad or Android.

Thanks to its UPnP (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play) audio streaming compatibility, Stream Magic 6 is simple to use, uncomplicated to set up and has no tricky software to master.

And by linking our optional plug-and-play BT100 wireless audio receiver to your Stream Magic 6, you can also stream music wirelessly from your Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop or any device that supports Bluetooth.

Cambridge Audio CXN Streamer/DAC


The core technology of the Cambridge CXN is the multi-award winning StreamMagic streaming module that enables the CXN to play virtually anything, from basic compressed MP3 formats to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality FLAC and WAV files. And do so with incredible musicality. Its wireless playback capabilities include Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Airplay, NAS drives and UPnP servers, and aptX Bluetooth. Avail: Black or Silver Front Panel. Dimensions HxWxD: 3.4 x 16.9 x 12.2″. Weight: 7.7 lbs.

Cambridge Audio 851N Streamer/DAC


The pinnacle of digital and streaming performance – the 851N is the ultimate network player. It’s features include; 24-bit/384kHz upsampling from all sources, native 24-bit/192kHz playback, USB, digital audio inputs and streaming over wi-fi including UPnP and NAS drives, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, and DSD. The 851N takes almost any digital file from virtually any source and renders it to the highest possible standard. Every digital source becomes a hi-fi option; its wireless options include Wi-Fi, internet radio, Spotify, Airplay. Dimensions HxWxD: 4.5 x 16.9 x 14.7”. Weight: 20 lbs.