Cambridge’s Top Rated Speakers selected by Pat’s Audio Art.

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Cambridge Audio SX50 Speakers


Top Rated: “A smooth midrange, sweet treble and a clean, tight bass define their tonal balance… They’re brilliantly good value and a class act to follow.” What HI-FI. “They pack a sound that you would not expect out of something so small and they are very nice classy and classic looking as well. So taking into consideration everything I have written and heard, these speakers are easily worth their price tag.” AcousticAppraisal. Avail: Black or Dark Walnut. Dimensions: HxWxD: 8.9″x6.3″x9.4″ – Cambridge SX50 $299 per pair.

Cambridge Audio SX60 Speakers


Slightly larger version of the SX50 Speakers with a 6.5″ Bass Driver and a 1″ Silk Soft Dome Tweeter. Just as well received by the Audio Critics. Avail: Black or Dark Walnut. Dimensions: HxWxD: 13.3″x 7.9″x10.7″. Cambridge SX60 $399 per pair.

Cambridge Aero 2 Book-Shelf Speakers


Cambridge Aero 2 Book-Shelf Speaker is Highly Recommended by these Hi-Fi Critics: Hi-Fi World: “The Aero 2 is a bold piece of engineering by Cambridge Audio. Its BMR unit provides an expansive soundstage that is unrivalled at the price.” Hi-Fi Choice gave them The Editor’s Choice Award: “Just in case you hadn’t noticed then, I love the new Cambridge Audio Aero 2s; they’re an exotic little loudspeaker that’s simply not built in quite the same way as its rivals – and for good reason. The result is an extremely open and seamless sound.” Sound and Vision: “Cambridge Audio’s Aero reinvents the two-way loudspeaker in midrange-friendly fashion with excellent performance and value.” Sound Stage were so impressed that they gave these speakers “The Product of the Year Award”: “I highly recommend Cambridge Audio’s Aero 2. For its combination of high performance and value, it’s a frontrunner for one of our Product of the Year awards, to be announced at the end of this year.” Hi-Fi News highly recommended the Aero2: “It displays a far more couth, civilised and polished performance than its price would suggest… With so few flaws and so much to love, this little loudspeaker just gets on with the job of making music in an enjoyable yet inoffensive way.” The Vinyl Factory valued them: “Detail fairly floats from the speaker without stress or strain. The speakers also offer quite a bass kick too.” BBC Music Magazine absolutely loved them: “a fine, detailed pair of speakers that will do justice to more or less any music you care to play on them” They were Home Cinema Choice “Best Buy”: “The BMR drivers help deliver a big, cohesive 5.1 soundstage that fills a room better than most packages at this price, while its considerable muscle will leave you invigorated and entertained.”
Avail: Black or Dark Walnut. Dimensions: WxHxD: 8″x14.6″x12.2″.
Cambridge Aero 2 Speakers $599.99/pair

Cambridge Aero 3 Twin Mode Surround Sound Speakers


Cambridge Aero 3 Twin Mode Surround Sound Speakers. Home Cinema gave these Surround Sound Speakers a Best Buy Rating. Using BMR Drivers over conventional drivers delivers natural and coherent sound with the proper dispersions. These speakers can be used in “Dual Monopole” mode with one driver running surround and one running surround back. Avail: Black or Dark Walnut. Dimensions HxWxD: 7.1″x 18.2″x6″. Cambridge Aero 3 Speakers $549/pair

Cambridge Aero 5 Center Speaker


The most important Speaker of your Surround Sound System. The Aero 5 will deliver stunning performance with the latest BMR technology. Using a BMR driver instead of a traditional tweeter/woofer array, the Aero 5 center speaker is far more coherent, and natural. EAR Hi-fi Music Gear says, “This speaker delivered oodles of detail, a chunky bottom end and texture of the sort rarely heard at this price.” Avail: Black or Dark Walnut. Dimensions WxHxD: 16.9″x5.9″x8.2″. Cambridge Aero 5 Speaker $449/pair

Cambridge Aero 6 Floor Standing Speakers


Cambridge Aero 6 is a Floor Standing Speaker using the latest in BMR tehnology and Delivers What Hi-Fi considers,” an excellent 5.1 package that is as exciting, informative and seamless as we’ver heard for the money.” Avail: Black or Dark Walnut. Dimensions WxHxD: 9.4″x38.6″13.3″. Cambridge Aero 6 Speakers $1,199/pair.

Cambridge Aero 9 Subwoofer


The Cambridge Aero 9 has best in class cabinet construction with a 500 watts Class D amplifier. 1-10″ Subwoofer is mounted on the front and a 10″ Down Firing Passive Radiator makes additional bass extension without adding to the cabinet dimensions. Avail: Black Only. Dimensions HxWxD: 13.4″x13″x14″. Cambridge Aero 9 Subwoofer $949.00

Cambridge Aeromax 2 Speakers


Cambridge Aeromax2 has the same features as the Aero2 plus Improved Crossover Components, Superior Cabinet Bracing, Higher Grade internal cabling, and newer 4th Generation BMR Driver. Avail: Gloss Black or White Only. Dimensions WxHxD: 14.5″x8″x13.2″. Cambridge Aeromax 2 Speakers $899/pair.

Cambridge Aeromax 6 Floor Standing Speakers


Expanding on the radical design found in the award winning Aero speakers, Aeromax 6 has been tuned to the max to become even better sounding than its predecessor. Available in beautiful, modern, gloss black and white lacquer finishes and with a more coherent and immersive sound, Aeromax 6 is innovative, stylish and ideal for those who want the best stereo performance. Avail: Gloss Black or Gloss White. Dimensions WxHxD: 9.4″x38.6″x13.5″. Cambridge Aeromax 6 Speakers $1599/pair

Cambridge Audio WS30 Slim On Wall Speakers


What Hi-Fi says,”Basslines are easy to follow…. But it’s the midband and treble that the WS30s really shine.” The Cambridge WS30 are the perfect Live-Style On-Wall Speakers that you don’t have to cut into the wall. avail: White Only. Dimensions WxHxD: 4.9″x 14.5″x3.4″ – Cambridge WS30 $349/pair