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Many companies have tried to build speakers from glass, drawn by the stunning aesthetics that result, but none have succeeded in matching those looks with stunning sound to match – until now. Using the most advanced modelling software available to analyze structural behavior and gas dynamics has enabled Crystal to create loudspeaker cabinets with unprecedented control over the resonant behavior of both the enclosure and the air volume inside it.

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Crystal Arabesque Mini Speakers


The Arabesque Mini – Small, But Perfectly Formed

The Glass Master set new standards of musical performance, but the painstaking construction of its complex, plate glass cabinet is necessarily expensive. Crystal wanted to offer the benefits of the Arabesque integrated system solution at a more approachable price, in a speaker that was smaller and easier to accommodate. The answer was the Arabesque Mini. The same sophisticated modelling techniques were used to optimise the mechanical and internal behavior of a compact, space-frame enclosure, constructed from milled aluminum plates. A beryllium dome tweeter was selected, to maintain performance within the smaller baffle height, while the stand was an integrated part of the design, ensuring that it placed the Mini at the optimum height and provided the ideal mechanical termination for the cabinet. With the same attention to detail and quality of parts used in the Glass Master, it should come as no surprise that the Arabesque Mini quickly established itself as the most musically communicative and persuasive compact speaker available, redefining our expectations of small speaker performance and winning multiple awards and accolades from the international audio press. But the greatest accolade of all comes from the many satisfied owners, music lovers who thought small speakers meant accepting inevitable musical compromise – until they experienced the Arabesque Mini.

Crystal Arabesque Mini (pair) – $23,000.00
Crystal Arabesque Mini with speaker stands (pair) – $25,000.00

Crystal Absolute Arabesque Glass Speakers


Crystal Absolute Arabesque Glass Speakers

Advances in Crystal Cable’s proprietary metallurgy has led to the development of the monocrystal silver conductors used in the Absolute Dream and Dreamline Plus cables. In turn, that created the opportunity for us to further refine the performance of the Arabesque Glass Master loudspeakers. By using monocrystal silver conductors throughout the speaker, not just for internal cables but hard-wiring the crossover and even winding the transformer and replacing the signal leads on the ribbon driver, we were able to significantly reduce micro-distortion and grain in the system, resulting in a further significant increase in tonal purity, harmonic resolution and natural phrasing. The Absolute Arabesque brings the musical performance closer than ever before, while the option of gold-plated metal parts ensures that the speakers look as distinctive as they sound. Like the musical masterpieces they reproduce so effortlessly, the Absolute Arabesque loudspeakers are the result of an almost obsessive attention to every tiny detail in their design and construction. But with art as fragile, demanding and revealing as recorded music, the art of engineering its reproduction is every bit as delicate and demanding. The Absolute Arabesque leaves no stone unturned in its quest for musical performance. The addition of our monocrystal technology is the last piece in the jigsaw: the performance is finally complete.

Price: (pair) $110,000.00