Pat’s Audio Art is proud to be your Bergmann Audio Dealer in the Vancouver Area.

Audiophile Skeptics seem to think that the High End Turntable market is just a re-hash of the old. If you are thinking Linn, SME, ClearAudio, Roksan, Vertere, Kuma, VPI, Graham, etc., we would agree. Most of the improvements are evolution of the original, and often, come with a hefty price increase. For decades now, we have been dreaming of a Turntable with a stable platform to mount an linear tracking tonearm. We remember the days of the Goldmund Studio Turntable with the Goldmund T3 Linear Tracking tonearm which was discontinued in the late seventies/early eighties. That had a better midrange to die for from the unhindered linear tracking that had no tracking error. But the constance maintenance and adjustments needed was a major detraction. Take everything good about the Goldmund Studio/T3 combination add to it Design and Engineering that offers a stable and rigid platform for Linear Tracking Tonearm, plus Air-Bearing for both turntable platter and Tonearm, AND a system design that is easy to setup, and stays setup for a year before you need to do minor check-up, with much better sound performance than any other turntable system, and you have the Bergmann Turntables. They are truly innovative, and sound performance is like no other before. Audio Critics from around the world have used superlatives to describe the reproduction of piano, of mass strings, of rhythm and pace in the music, of mid and low bass where you can distinctively hear every note – revolutionary!!!

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