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Stax Accessories


Stax SRE-725 8 ft Extension Cable $150
Stax SRE-750 16 ft Extension Cable $250
Stax SRE-925S 8 ft Silver Plated Extension Cable $270
Stax SRE-950S 16 ft Silver Plated Extension Cable $495
Stax HPS-2 Natural Wood Support for Headphones $135
Stax CPC-1 Clear Protective Cover $20

Vacuum Tubes Replacements & Upgrades

Pat’s Audio Art is pleased to announce that we now have in stock a number of the BEST Current Production Vacuum Tubes.

These tubes are an easy upgrade and will improve the performance of your Vacuum Tube Amplifiers or Preamplifiers:

  • Mullard 12AX7
  • Tung Sol 6NS7
  • Gold Lion 6922 (Back Ordered)
  • Mullard EL34
  • Tung Sol KT120 (Replaces KT88)
  • Tung Sol 6550

Military Spec Power Tube Matching is available for Power Tubes in Pairs, Quads, Sextets. Please call us and check for availability 604-569-2883