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Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD Blu-ray/Universal Player


We call it the universal player because it plays SACD, DVD-A and CD. The quality of the CD playback alone is worth the price of admission. The fact it will playback Blu-ray with better picture and sound quality than just about any Blu-ray player at any price range is just a bonus! The All NEW Cambridge Azur 752BD is also a Digital Stream Player with Up-Sampling to 24/192K resolution for stunning sound reproduction for all 10 Channels (7.1 & 2.0 using separate DACs). Last year's 751BD was recommended by Home Theater Review as “worth every penny of the asking price. . . a real high-end bargain.” While Widescreen Review said, “. . . CD playback was the best I've ever heard from any single box disc player.” At Pat's Audio Art, we have done a number of comparisons between the Cambridge 751BD with $10K plus pieces like the now-discontinued Linn Uni-Disk Players, and the Cambridge comes up equal or ahead every time to our many listeners. Now the 752BD with better electronics and build-in DAC and streamer offers even better performance and features. Some of you may also have questions on how the Cambridge Azur 752BD compare to Oppo BDP-105? Here is what Widescreen Review found in March 2013: “The 752BD has the best analog sound quality I’ve heard from any Blu-ray Disc player so far . . . there, I said it. The high-end Blu-ray Disc player getting the most attention these days is the new Oppo BDP-105. But the 752 BD sounds better.” VIDEO: Video Processing on the Cambridge Azur 752BD is truly stunning. In fact, at home, I insert an HDMI Switcher in the input to up-convert my Shaw Cable Box, XBox-1, Playstation 4 and Apple TV. The Video up-converted looks sharper with more accurate color balance.