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Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amplifier


Cambridge CXA60 Integrated Amplifier with on-board DACs. Three Digital Inputs and 4 Analogue Inputs with Pre and Sub outs give this integrated all flexibility to handle any input sources. Conservatively rated for 60 Watts outputs, this integrated will drive most speaker loads perfectly. Avail: Silver or Black Front Panels. Dimensions HxWxD: 4.5″x16.9″x13.4″. Weight: 18.3lbs.

LINK: Cambridge Audio Product Page

Cambridge Audio CXA80 Integrated Amplifier


Cambridge CXA80 Integrated Amplifier with On-Board DACs. 80 Watts x 2. USB Audio, XLR, S/PDIF Digital Inputs. Separate Transformer Taps for Left and Right Channels, Twin Rectifiers and More! The Cambridge is not an up-rated CXA60, it is a whole lot more Amplifier. Avail: Silver or Black Front Panels. Dimensions HxWxD: 4.5″x16.9″x13.4″. Weight 19.1 lbs.

LINK: Cambridge Audio Product Page



Already own a high quality amplifier? The NAD D1050 DAC is the best way to add Computer Audio and HD Digital to your component hi-fi system. Both the digital and the analog circuits are highly optimized and based on techniques developed over 40 years of NAD audio engineering excellence. The digital inputs cater to many different digital sources. SPDIF inputs support balanced AES/EBU, coaxial and optical connectors. The USB input is very special; its asynchronous operation mode uses the D 1050’s high precision clock to control the output of the connected USB device for lowest possible jitter. It also supports USB Audio Codec 2.0 allowing 192kHz signal transmission. The NAD D1050 is for those who have an amplifier already and want even better Digital to Analogue processing. This Five Star rated DAC is only $550 CDN and outperforms many $2000 DACs.

NAD D3020 Digital Amplifier


The original NAD 3020 introduced a generation of Music Lovers to true high fidelity sound. In the ‘70’s over a million people rediscovered their music when they placed a NAD 3020 between their turntable and their loudspeakers. This little gem could embarrass amplifiers costing 10 times more with its big, warm and detailed sound. Once people realized what they had been missing it lead them to a lifetime of enhanced musical enjoyment.

REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE: Best Stereo Amp 2014 NAD D3020.

NAD rewrote the rules for amplifiers by designing the 3020 for the real world; instead of allowing laboratory test equipment to have the last word, they made sure that the amp could properly drive real loudspeakers with real music. The result of this real world approach was an amplifier that had less cost and more sound.

Today the source is more likely to be a computer or a smart phone then a turntable, but the ability to choose speakers that perfectly suit your taste is still a compelling argument for upgrading to a NAD amplifier. The D 3020 stars with the original NAD concept and takes it straight to the 21st century using the latest high speed digital technology.

Introduced late 2014, the NAD D3020 has garnered many “BEST OF’ awards from What Hi-Fi?, Stereophile, Absolute Sound, Sound and Vision, Hi-Fidelity, etc. Priced at only $549.99 Canadian, NAD D3020 has also become our favorite pick at Pat’s Audio Art.

NAD D7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier


The Bigger Brother to the NAD D3020 Digital Amplifier has even more connectivity with more power. NAD’s power means punchier, more detail with higher resolution. In addition to Bluetooth Apt. X connectivity, the NAD D7050 features Airplay, Direct Streaming (via Ethernet) and Asynchronous Streaming from computers (via USB) with several more inputs. The NAD D7050 also features a dedicated High Quality Class A Headphone Amplifier, giving full value for those who listens to music through headphones. The NAD D7050 is an incredible value at $1299 Canadian.

NAD C356BEE DAC2 Stereo Integrated Amplifier with DAC


Specs are just as above, but with DAC2 built in. The C 356BEE DAC2, equipped with our MDC DAC Digital Analogue Converter, allows computer music to be streamed from your computer or attached storage device without musical compromise. MDC makes future upgrades possible with interchangeable modules! Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 5 x 13.2″. Weight: 19.6 lbs.

NAD C510 Digital Preamp/DAC


NAD C510 Digital Preamp is a bold design concept. It has no analogue inputs, but has lots of Digital Inputs like USB Asynch. to connect to your computer, or 3-S/PDIF inputs from your Digital Sources, and even a HDMI PCM decoder with Pass Through for HDMI Video. Long time Hi-Fi Choice contributor, Ed Selley, provides an in-depth three-page review of the C 510 and highlights it with a full five-star rating for its smooth sound quality and incredible value: “there is something about the space afforded to voices and instruments that is more reminiscent of tubes than serious digital processing…vocals in particular are rich, weighty and effortlessly convincing”. Single Ended (RCA) and Balanced (XLR) Outputs. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2x 3.95 x 12.25″. Weight: 10.4 lbs.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic


The DacMagic improves the sound of any Mac, PC, Soundbridge, Sonus, Squeezebox, Apple TV, Apple Airport Express, Games Consoles, LCD or Plasma TV with optical digital out, Blu-ray, CD, DVD players and comes highly recommended by many computer magazines.

A 32-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) eradicates jitter – an unfortunate side effect of playing back music from hard-disk devices like PCs and laptops. Whether you are playing uncompressed or compressed music, the difference in audible quality that the DacMagic makes is incredible!

Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus


Not sitting on the laurels of the top rated DAC MAGIC, Cambridge Audio has improved upon it with the ALL NEW DacMagic Plus. The DacMagic Plus has a Preamplifier build-in with volume control and a dedicated Headphone Amplifier. There are both RCA and XLR Balance Outputs to drive your power amplifier. Come to Pat’s Audio Art and audition the Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus. It will astound you with the improvements it can make on all your digital music including the outputs from the Apple TV, Mac Mini, and other computer sources. Get a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus, the best DAC for your money!

Cambridge Audio CXN Streamer/DAC


The core technology of the Cambridge CXN is the multi-award winning StreamMagic streaming module that enables the CXN to play virtually anything, from basic compressed MP3 formats to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality FLAC and WAV files. And do so with incredible musicality. Its wireless playback capabilities include Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Airplay, NAS drives and UPnP servers, and aptX Bluetooth. Avail: Black or Silver Front Panel. Dimensions HxWxD: 3.4 x 16.9 x 12.2″. Weight: 7.7 lbs.

EMM Labs DAC2X Stereo D/A Converter


EMM Labs DAC2X Stereo D/A Converter. The EMM DAC2X features the latest generation MDAT™ up-converting DSP, MFAST™ jitter removal system, MCLK™ master clock and Ed Meitner’s hand built 5.6Mhz proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters. Loved by Audio Critics and Audiophiles alike.

Available in Silver or Black.
Reviews: Sound Stage, Enjoy the Music, Your Final System
Dimensions WxDxH: 435 x 400 x 92mm
Weight: 12kg
Price: $17,999. With EMM Labs TSDX Combo: $35,999

EMM Labs XDS1 V2 CD/SACD Player with USB DAC


EMM Labs XDS1 V2 CD/SACD Player with USB DAC: The EMM Labs XDS1 V2 CD/SACD Player has been used as the Reference piece of Digital Gear around the world. All digital inputs support up to 24bit, 192kHz PCM audio via USB, AES/EBU and Toslink. 2xDSD streaming over USB. Available Silver or Black.

Reviews: Enjoy the Music, The Absolute Sound
Dimensions WxDxH: 435x400x145mm
Weight: 17 kg.

Meitner MA-1 DAC


With the introduction of Meitner Audio's very first product—the Meitner MA-1 Stereo D/A Converter—cost-no-object performance has suddenly become a whole lot less costly.

How did we do it? By utilizing the award-winning technologies Ed Meitner developed for our EMM Labs line of products. The result is a converter that turns the “you-have-to-spend-a-lot-to-get-a-lot” paradigm on its proverbial ear?

It also happens to turn your computer or media server into a high-end, high-resolution music-making machine.

The Meitner MA-1:

  • Supports sampling rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz at word lengths up to 24 bits through all 6 digital inputs
  • Complies with the USB Class 2 audio interface standard
  • Is simple to use. There's nothing to configure. Just plug and play.

Meitner MA2 CD Player/DAC


This CD Player and DAC are built upon the EMM Labs digital decoding engine which is used by many Professionals. In fact, the more important circuits are the same. Like the MFAST Asynchronous Technology: The Meitner Frequency Acquisition System acquires the signal, then buffers and decouples it from the sending source, thus stripping our jitter completely. And the MDAT: 2X DSD upsampling: The Meitner Digital Audio Translator upsamples digital audio to 5.6 Mhz, Double the SACD standard sampling rate. The MDAC amd MCLK: Dual Differential Discrete D-to-A is Standard and the High Purity Master Clock Modules ensure end-to-end signal integrity. All these are circuits are found in the Meitner MA-1 and MA-2 as in the much more expensive EMM Labs DAC2 and DAC2X. Meitner is the top rated DAC and CD Player that is recommended by many editors and reviewers of audiophile journals.

Updated Software available: Clients who had purchased these units, please contact us to update software on your unit. It will greatly improve yet again in sound quality.

Meitner MA-2 CD Player/DAC – Price: $15,000.00