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The DAC-V1 is an asynchronous USB digital to analogue converter with multiple digital S/PDIF inputs, precision volume control and a high-quality headphone amplifier. It will produce stunning sound quality from your computer and transform it into a high-quality, high-resolution music hub.

Digital made musical
Connect the DAC-V1 to your PC, Mac or Laptop via a standard A to B USB cable and the quality of your music will be defined not by the limitations of the computer hardware, but by the quality of the data itself. And with DAC-V1 that can be incredibly high, up to 24bit/384kHz resolution.

Flexible yet powerful
While the DAC-V1 is perfectly suited to being positioned on a desk near a computer it is also highly versatile. It can integrate seamlessly into a traditional hi-fi system or be used with any two-channel digital audio source such as a games console, satellite box or any other device with a digital output via one of its five S/PDIF digital inputs. The DAC-V1 can also be combined with the Naim UnitiServe hard disc server and its matching power amplifier, the NAP 100, to create a compact high-end music system.

Connect to:

  • PC/Mac/Laptop – Make the most of music from your computer via asynchronous USB
  • Hard disk player – Create a compact yet powerful hi-fi system by combining DAC-V1 with the NAP 100 and UnitiServe
  • Games Console – Immerse yourself in games and multi-media sound from your favourite console
  • CD Player – Take over preamplifier and DAC duties for your CD player and give extra connectivity
  • DVD Player – Play sound from your movies, documetaries, live concerts and more
  • Satellite TV Receiver – Improve the sound quality of your TV or set top box
  • Headphones – play direct through your headphones from the front panel of the DAC-V1



The Naim DAC marks a technical milestone comparable to our first CD player, the CDS. The CDS demonstrated that CD replay and lifelike music reproduction were not mutually exclusive. Now, the Naim DAC demonstrates that the jitter and noise that bedevil traditional external digital to analogue conversion can be overcome and a new route to the real enjoyment of music opened. The Naim DAC provides eight S/PDIF inputs, two USB inputs, and is capable of handling audio data sampled at up to 768kHz and with up to 24bit resolution. It not only brings all the digital inputs together into the analogue domain, but does so with a level of performance that can compete with the finest from any Naim CD player to provide unrivalled musical fulfilment.

Listening to the Naim DAC is a revelation. Music, whether its source be an iPod, a CD or a high resolution data file, is presented afresh, with more definition, more insight, more warmth, and simply more of those hard to-define clues of rhythm, melody and emotion that distinguish the real thing from pale imitation. The Naim DAC is an advance that brings real music in the home closer to reality than ever before.
Designing an external digital to analogue converter capable of offering the exceptional musical performance obligatory for a Naim product brings numerous technical challenges. In particular, the S/PDIF interface protocol for digital interconnection has significant jitter and noise problems.

Original solutions to these problems had to be conceived and developed. The Naim DAC has more in common with Naim CD players than with conventional external digital to analogue converters. It overcomes the jitter issues of S/PDIF by reading the data into a “rotating” data RAM buffer independently of its timing signal and reading it out again clocked by one of ten extremely low noise, fixed frequency crystal sine-wave oscillators.

In terms of system topology, the DAC’s rotating memory is analogous to a rotating CD feeding raw data to be reclocked. The rate at which the memory fills and empties is controlled by the DAC automatically selecting the oscillator that matches the average incoming clock frequency. The data entering the downstream digital filtering and DAC chips is then completely isolated from the incoming S/PDIF jitter. Along with being a source of jitter, S/PDIF is a potential source of RF noise. The Naim DAC suppresses S/PDIF noise through electrical isolation of its DSP front end from the digital to analogue converter and analogue circuits. Each element is also run from separate power supplies.

The Naim DAC’s digital filtering is handled by a powerful SHARC DSP chip running unique Naim authored code to create an ultra high precision 40-bit floating point filter. The filter over-samples by 16 times on 44.1kHz data and provides stop-band attenuation of 180dB on all data. Following the digital filter are the two mono Burr-Brown digital to analogue converter chips, as used in the CD555 CD player. Finally the Naim DAC features a very high performance, low noise, and low distortion fully discrete analogue output stage.

Ground breaking technology and digital audio engineering, however, are purely academic. Listening to the Naim DAC is something else entirely. Startling in its clarity, arresting in its detail, beguiling in its warmth and inspiring in its rhythm, the Naim DAC seduces from the first note.



Rega DAC-R DAC. Dual Wolfson DACs operating in Dual Differential Mode. 3 User Selectable filters. 1-USB and SPDIF inputs.

Price: $1299

REGA Saturn-R USB DAC/CD Player


Rega Saturn-R USB DAC/CD Player. Independent Powered DAC circuit. High Performance Master Clock. Remote.

Black Only. $3799

Resonessence Labs Herus & Herus+ DAC


RESONNENCE LAB HERUS USB Powered DXD & DSD over 100dB of SNR! DSD on iPhone and USB Audio on Android – no power supply needed!

From Resonessence: HERUS is our smallest form-factor, audiophile quality USB to Headphone DAC. It uses the USB Audio 2.0 Asynchronous protocol and supports DSD64 and DSD128 as well as high data rate PCM at 24bits up to 352.8Ks/S. It is a USB powered device that achieves more than 100dB of SNR, (typically 108dB) and is capable of driving 2.4V RMS, (ie 6.8V pk-to-pk) into headphones from 600 Ohms to 32 Ohms. The distortion in all cases is better than 0.005% (85dB): the measured THD+N is typically 89dB for 32 Ohms and 90dB (about 0.003%) for 600 Ohms.

The HERUS+ is our latest version of HERUS, it meets all the specifications of the HERUS but now includes a user selectable, on-the-fly, choice of two up-sampling filters. The first custom up-sampling filter the Apodizing Filter, the second is the Minimum Phase IIR filter. Please refer to our note on Digital Filters for more details.

Resonessence Labs Herus+ ~ $476 CND
Resonessence Labs Herus ~ $392 CND

Resonessence Labs CONCERO HD & HP DAC


CONCERO comes in two formats: CONCERO HD (High Definition with DSD & DXD) and CONCERO HP (Headphone with DSD & DXD).

All versions include unparalleled low jitter up-sampling power to 352.8kS/s, & USB Audio 2.0.

Resonessence Labs CONCERO HD or HP $952 CDN.

Resonessence Labs Mirus & Invicta DAC


Resonessence Labs Mirus and Invicta DACs. Oustanding DACs for the Ultimate in performance. MIRUS uses eight channels of ES9018 Sabre DAC for each stereo Channel, a total of 16 channels. INVICTA uses the second ES9018 to drive dual headphones, or single headphone in differentail mode. USB Audio 2.0/1.0, DSD(64 & 128) over USB, SPDIF and the unique SDCard reader are provided. The SDCard supports WAV, AIFF, FLAC and DSD(64 & 128) files in DFF and DSF format. Input data rates up to 384kS/s. Includes Resonessence proprietary filters. INVICTA or MIRUS $4995 CDN

KEF X300A Amplified Speakers with USB/Analog Inputs


The KEF X300A is a Bi-amplified Speaker System with a Built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). The Digital USB input can be plugged directly to any Computers (PC or Mac) with a USB output. The internal DAC of the KEF X300A will then process all the digital signal from your computer improving upon the sound quality substantially. Alternatively, there is an Analog stereo input jack so you can plug the line-level or headphone output in. Not only are the audiophile magazines raving about the KEF X300A, the computer magazines are stunned by how good these amplified speakers are! One going as far as saying that these KEF X300A are so good that they are really the ONLY CHOICE!!!

The KEF X300A amplified speakers are now in stock at Pat’s Audio Art in Vancouver, BC. At only $899 a pair, they are certainly an Exceptional Value. Highly Recommended by our staff.