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Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amplifier


Cambridge CXA60 Integrated Amplifier with on-board DACs. Three Digital Inputs and 4 Analogue Inputs with Pre and Sub outs give this integrated all flexibility to handle any input sources. Conservatively rated for 60 Watts outputs, this integrated will drive most speaker loads perfectly. Avail: Silver or Black Front Panels. Dimensions HxWxD: 4.5″x16.9″x13.4″. Weight: 18.3lbs.

LINK: Cambridge Audio Product Page

Cambridge Audio CXA80 Integrated Amplifier


Cambridge CXA80 Integrated Amplifier with On-Board DACs. 80 Watts x 2. USB Audio, XLR, S/PDIF Digital Inputs. Separate Transformer Taps for Left and Right Channels, Twin Rectifiers and More! The Cambridge is not an up-rated CXA60, it is a whole lot more Amplifier. Avail: Silver or Black Front Panels. Dimensions HxWxD: 4.5″x16.9″x13.4″. Weight 19.1 lbs.

LINK: Cambridge Audio Product Page

Cambridge Audio Azur 651A Amplifier


Inside the Cambridge 651A Amplifier is a fully balanced dual differential circuit usually not found in amplifiers under the $2000 price range. The fully dual differential amps ensures that any noise and variation of parts are rejected. Lower noise means finer detail and resolution. The Cambridge 651A amplifier has a Toroidial transformer which is more efficient and generate less hum and noise and EI core Transformer. There are Individual Taps for the Left and Right Channels making it Dual-Mono for better separation. The Cambridge 651A comes with a high grade Film Type Volume Control often used to modify other amps for get higher performance. Finally, the Cambridge 651A comes with a USB DAC that you can hook up your computer to, making the most of music storage and collection.

Compare at twice the retail price $879.99, the Cambridge is still a Fantastic Deal.

Cambridge Audio Azur 851A Integrated Amp


A True Cambridge Reference Amplifier at an affordable price. Class XD amplification. 2×120 Watts. Avail: Silver or Black Front Panels. Dimensions WxHxD: 16.9″x4.5″x15.2″. Weight: 33 lbs.

Cambridge Audio Topaz AM 10 Integrated Amp


35 watts x2 at 8 Ohms. Discrete Outputs. MM Phono Input. 5 rear analogue inputs. 1 Mini Jack Front source Input for iPod. Remote. Avail: Black Only. Dimensions WxHxD: 13.6″x 3.05″x 14″. Weight: 12.3 Lbs.

Jadis Orchestra Reference MkII Integrated Amplifier


The Orchestra Reference MkII is a 40 watt, KT120, class AB integrated amplifier. The Orchestra is a hybrid design with a solid state preamp and tube output. It requires manual biasing, however this allows a surprisingly affordable price which brings Jadis performance to virtually any music lover.

Jadis I-35 Class A Integrated Amplifier


The I-35 is a newer design destined to become the top selling Jadis model of all time. It is a 30 watt, pure class-A integrated amplifier featuring KT120 tubes. The I-35 delivers a healthy helping of the ultimate performance at outstanding value. If you want true high end sound, incredible musicality but still at a highly affordable price then consider the I-35.

“The Jadis sounded magnificent… the I-35 delivered every bit of the presence, tone and texture that I would hope to hear from a contemporary tube amplifier: no small feat in itself. This is a damn good amp for getting to the essence of music.” – Art Dudley, Stereophile, January 2014

Jadis I-50 Class A Integrated Amplifier


Take everything said about the Jadis I-35 and multiply by TEN… that’s the performance of the new Jadis I-50. More resolved, more detail, tighter bass, better acoustical space and imaging, better rhythmic flow… The new Jadis I-50 makes perfect use of the new Tung-sol KT150 power tube. From Tung-sol, we learn that:”With the new KT150, Tung-Sol continues to lead in the audio power tube, power game. After the introduction of the highly successful Tung-Sol KT120, Russi a’s premier vacuum tube inventor, Valery Krivtsov, in collaboration with Irusha Bitukova and a team of ExpoPUL tube designers, set to work in our laboratories to develop an even more powerful audio output tube. With a massive plate dissipation of 70 watts, the Tung-Sol KT150 is the most powerful octal beam tetrode ever produced. A pair of KT150s can allow an amplifier with a power output approaching 300 watts to be built. The Tung-Sol KT150 glass envelope is a special egg shaped balloon that was developed to improve thermal dissipation and maintain a superior vacuum for the best sound. The fact that the glass envelope has no flat sides means the Tung-Sol KT150 has no problems with micro phonics.”

Vacuum Tube Technology is evolving and improving, and the Tung-sol KT-150 is the pinnacle of power tube design. Using a pair of KT150s per channel, Jadis in France, has built the perfect Tube Class A amplifier. Build to exacting standards including the use of the best polypropylene capacitors and Highest Quality of Resistors, hand wound output transformer specially designed for the KT150 tube, point to point wiring, a chassis shielding that is immune to Radio Frequencies and Pure Class A Design, the Jadis I-50 is the essence of Quality from building the finest Vacuum Tube amplifiers for over forty years. With power, pace, and the ultimate definition, the Jadis I-50 will drive speakers with sensitivity of 89dB or more to an amazing room filling capacity. Come and hear it at Pat’s Audio Art in Vancouver, BC.

Jadis I88 Class A Integrated Amplifier


The I-88 is a powerful 90 watt, pure class-A, KT150 integrated amplifier. It is fully autobias with four line inputs, one digital USB input and comes standard with a remote control. Featuring Jadis’ custom in-house, hand-built transformers, the I-88 will easily drive today’s demanding real-world loudspeakers to authentic listening levels. The I-88 delivers the trade-mark Jadis sound; warm and rich yet very detailed and fast with impeccable timing, real-world dynamics and a large soundstage. Pure Heaven. Tube complement is: 8 x KT150, 2 x 12AX7, and 3 x 12UA7. It weighs 88 lbs.

NAD C316BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Proprietary PowerDrive™ Circuit offers a remarkable combination of high current drive needed for complex loudspeaker loads combined with high levels of undistorted dynamic power. Bjørn Erik Edvardsen, our Director of Advanced Development, developed a simplified version of PowerDrive for the C 316BEE. Budget-friendly: True to our enviable reputation for creating some of the best performing budget amplifiers of all time, the C 316BEE delivers huge performance without the huge price tag. Dynamic Power Reserves: Continuous power is a conservative 40 watts and dynamic power, which is more important for music listening, is remarkably more than 100 watts! Far more usable power on tap than other amps at this price point. Stereophile Recommended and Better Rated than tube amplifiers: “I didn’t love the JoLida FX 10 as much as I’d hoped I would, but I loved the NAD C 316BEE more than I’d expected to. ” “But I was more impressed by the NAD’s ability to follow complex musical passages and make clear, truthful distinctions among musical instruments. While the JoLida FX 10 did a fine job of separating instruments in space, the NAD excelled at imparting the natural colors of Coleman’s alto sax and Don Cherry’s cornet, pulling the instruments apart and bringing them together beautifully, as if in fluid dance or warm embrace, as the song twisted, unraveled, turned, and walked away”. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 2.75x 9.5″ Weight: 11.5 lbs.

NAD C326BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Top Rated Amplifier of the Year Award by The Absolute Sound. The BEE stands for Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, and the three Edvardsen-designed circuits contribute to the amp section’s remarkable dynamic performance. The “soft-clipping” circuit monitors the output so that as clipping approaches, the power-supply rail limits output while allowing a moderate amount of benign overdrive. The “power-drive” circuit, based on Peter Mitchell’s studies of how much power is actually needed to replay music at natural levels, optimizes the output devices for high-current delivery; a second winding on the power transformer monitors output current, output voltage, and temperature to provide enough current on a short-term basis (e.g., 40 to 50 milliseconds) to handle large transients. Finally, “while most class A/B amplifiers use the output stage as a current dumper, in the ‘distortion-cancelling’ circuit Evardsen configures the output transistors to provide a small voltage-gain to which is added a local feedback-loop that reduces distortion even lower, to around 0.005 percent.” Local Feedback gives the amplifier far better stability than Gobal Feedback. Also Top rated by What Hi-Fi, Five Stars: The NAD C326BEE is the latest in NAD’s range of affordably priced, yet very high performance Stereo Integrated Amplifiers. Neatly slotted in between our most affordable C 316BEE and more powerful C 355BEE, the C 326BEE boasts many upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier. These include application of Bjørn Erik Edvardsen’s innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply. An improved tone control circuit and revised PCB layout has reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Taken together, these improvements mark a sharp upturn in performance that must be heard to be fully appreciated! Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 4 x 11.25″. Weight: 15.21 lbs.

NAD C356BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Combining all three of Bjorn Erik Edvardsen’s Amplifier Design Upgrades, the NAD C356BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier was top rated by Absolute Sound Editors Choice Awards and Hi-Fi Choice Five Star Recommended Amplifier. Able to drive the most complex loudspeakers to their full musical potential, the C 356BEE remains eminently affordable. In fact, we invite you to compare the C 356BEE to amplifiers costing two to three times more. With features like Preamp Out and MDC, the C 356BEE can grow with your needs and desires, enhancing both sustainability and value. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2×4.5×11.5″. Weight: 18.75 lbs.

NAD C356BEE DAC2 Stereo Integrated Amplifier with DAC


Specs are just as above, but with DAC2 built in. The C 356BEE DAC2, equipped with our MDC DAC Digital Analogue Converter, allows computer music to be streamed from your computer or attached storage device without musical compromise. MDC makes future upgrades possible with interchangeable modules! Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 5 x 13.2″. Weight: 19.6 lbs.

NAD C375BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier


The NAD C 375BEE has many upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier. Attention to the most minute detail is evident everywhere, from the heavy gauge steel chassis to the sophisticated power supplies and copper buss bars channeling almost absurd amounts of current to the custom gold plated speaker binding posts. Other upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier include application of Bjørn Erik Edvardsen’s innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply. An improved tone control circuit and revised PCB layout has reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Taken together, these improvements mark a sharp upturn in performance that simply must be heard, to be fully appreciated! Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 5.25 x 13.75″. Weight: 33.73 lbs.

NAIM UnitiQute 2 · Streamer & Integrated Amplifier


We call the Naim UnitiQute 2 the Cute Little Bugger. With its diminutive size, it handles multi-source, all-in-one player that handles streaming music at up to 24bit/192kHz resolutions over UPnP™ with ease. At its core is a 30W per channel integrated amplifier that will drive a wide range of speakers and fill your room with music. A Naim application for iOS and Android makes controlling streaming music a piece of cake. Dimensions HxWxD: 3.5″x8.3″x12.6″. Weight: 14.6 lbs.

NAIM Unitilite · CD Player, Streamer & Integrated Amplifier


The Naim UnitiLite distils the qualities and functionality of our original award-winning all-in-one into a slimline component. So it will handle CDs via a mechanised front-panel tray, high-resolution music streaming over UPnP, DAB+/DAB/FM and internet radio and digital sources via one of five 24bit/192kHz-capable inputs. It also has Spotify Connect built-in and Bluetooth (aptX) connectivity. For all its slimline versatility its 50W integrated amplifier provides it with a heavyweight sound which sets it apart as a product worthy of the Naim badge. Dimensions HxWxD: 2.8″x17.3″x12.1″. Note: Antennae may take up more room. Weight: 16.5 lbs.