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NAD C275BEE Power Amplifier


Bjorn Erik Edvardsen’s innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply are just some of the reasons this power amplifier sounds so good. A carefully engineered PCB layout has further reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Holmgren Toroidal Transformer, Dynamic Drive circuit with up to 600 Watts per channel of Dynamic Power for Transients, taken together, these all contribute why this the NAD C275BEE is such a powerhouse. 2×150 RMS Watts at 8 ohms with up to 600 Watts IHF Dynamic Power at 2 ohms. Dimensions HxWxD: 7.2 x 5.25 x 13.75″. Weight: 33 lbs.

NAD C245BEE 4-Channel Power Amplifier


The NAD C245BEE is an uncommon amplifier. It is a four-channel amp, and it can provide several system building options. Used with the NAD C165BEE preamp, it offers more than enough power to drive the loudspeaker of your choice with the interesting option to bi-amplify. Or it can be connected to the Zone Output of our AV Receiver, the C 245BEE can send different music programs to remote speakers. Offering far superior sonic quality to your Lifestyle. Dimensions HxWxD: 3.2×17.2×11.5″. Weight: 16.1 lbs.

VTL MB125 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers


VTL MB125 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers are all about smaller chassis with a more Massive power Supply. The MonoBlock form factor allows VTL to take advantage of this form factor. 100 Watts Tetrode and 50 Watts Triode in Tube Power is plenty for most speakers. Dimensions HxWxD: 7x16x12″. Weight: 45 lbs.

NOTE: Pricing is $7187.50 / pair.

VTL MB185 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers Series III


VTL MB185 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers Series III have been refined and improved from the Evolution of its Bigger brother the MB450 III. The upgrade to the Series III is pretty extensive with a complete rework of the signal path and new features added while retaining all the user friendliness of the previous model such as automatic tube biasing and comprehensive fault sensing. Another significant change to the MB-185 is the switch to EL-34 tubes. Long admired for their rich, natural and open sound, the EL-34s bring a distinctive new sonic signature to the amplifier that emphasizes the integration and inner details of music. The output transformer has been completely redesigned and carefully matched to complement the midrange purity and quick, taut bass of EL34s. 225 Watts in Tetrode, and 125 Watts in Triode. Dimensions HxWxD:18.5 x 18 x 9″. Weight: 85 lbs.

VTL MB450 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers Series III


VTL MB450 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers Series III offer Music lovers outstanding performance at a fair value. Adjustable precision-regulated bias and screen supplies hold the output tube operating point constant even under AC and main power supply fluctuations, and stabilizes the critical power supplies yielding tonal stability and sonic integrity especially during complex, dynamic signal conditions. 425 Watts Tetrode and 225 Watts in Triode. Dimensions HxWxD: 18.5 x 18 x 9″. Weight: 110 lbs each.

VTL Reference S-400 Stereo Power Amplifier


VTL Reference S-400 Stereo Power Amplifier has a fully balanced differential input stage driving a differential phase splitter and a lower impedance push-pull output stage with a dramatically improved, fully balanced and enhanced interleaved and coupled output transformer. Equipped with the same “SmartTube” technology as the Siegfried II, the S-400 deploys Auto Bias and Fault Sensing, precision-regulated power supply technology, and bi-directional RS-232 control, giving unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. 300 Watts per channel Tetrode, 150 Watts per channel Triode. Dimensions HxWxD: 11.5 x 24 x 24″. Weight: 250 lbs.

VTL Siegfried MonoBlock Power Amp


VTL Siegfried MonoBlock Power Amp gains further sonic benefits with a shorter, faster and fully balanced negative feedback loop, with zero global negative feedback. The negative feedback loop completely eliminates ringing and requires no capacitor compensation to maintain critical phase integrity and information. The result is an amplifier that remains stable even under the most demanding loads. Tetrode: 650W, Triode: 330W. Dimensions HxWxD: 11.5 x 24 x 24″. Weight: 200lbs each, 325 lbs packed.

NOTE: Pricing is $81,250.00 / pair.