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Jadis JPL MkII Stereo Line Preamplifier


The New Jadis JPL MkII delivers a significant performance upgrade over the very good and much loved, Jadis JPL Preamplifier. The JPL has 5 line inputs and 1 tape out and uses 1xEL86, 1xEF86, 1xECC82 & 3xECC83 tubes. Dimensions 17″ wide, 11.4″ deep and 6.7 inches tall. Weight 33lbs.

Jadis JP30 MkIII MC Preamplifier with MM/MC Phono & Separate PS


The new JP30 MC MkIII incorporates several improvements over previous versions. The moving coil stage now utilizes Lundhal step up transformers for improved signal purity. In addition, tube regulation of the power supply is now incorporated. New double-sided copper circuit boards are also a new upgrade. The output stage incorporates special capacitors built to rigid Jadis specifications. In addition, the listener is now able to fine tune the sound of the phono section by substituting different types of capacitors. Another interesting optional feature for users is a configurable attenuator. This would minimize possible gain mismatches between various components. The JP30 uses 6 x ECC83, 1 x EF86 and 1 x EL84. It offers three line inputs, and two RIAA phono inputs; one MM and one MC. Gain is 26dB on the line inputs, 59dB on the MM and 80dB on the MC. Bandwidth 5Hz to 75KHz. Two chassis design with a total weight of 55 lbs.

Jadis JPS2 Preamplifier w/Separate PSU


Jadis JPL, JP80MC, JP800. Click for large image. The JPS2 is a stereo line pre-amplifier with an outboard power supply. It uses 1 ECC82, 3 ECC83, 1 EF86 and 1 EL84. The JPS2 features a dual volume control design for the purest sound possible, but optionally can be ordered with the volume controls “ganged” together for a simple one-touch operation. Gain 24dB, 6 line inputs, 1 output, monitoring, unbalanced. Bandwidth 20Hz – 74kHz.

Jadis JP80MC Preamplifier w/MM/MC Phono & Separate PS


The JP80MC is a stereo pre-amplifier with built in MM/MC phono and an outboard power supply. It is the most well known preamplifier made by Jadis due to its incredible sound quality. Its phono stage accepts all MM or MC cartridges even if they have very low impedance. This model is a great choice for any music lover. It uses 2 ECC88, 6 ECC83, 1 EF86, 1 EL84. Gain 20dB line level, 57 dB on MM phono and 84dB on MC phono. 4 line inputs, 1 MM input and 1 MC input. Bandwidth 20Hz – 50kHz. Shown in middle picture at right.

Jadis JPS-200MC Pre-amplifier


The next step up is the JP200MC, a four-box system. Two mono pre-amplifiers with phono and each with its own outboard power supply.

Jadis JP-500 Pre-amplifier


The ultimate expression of the art. Line pre-amplifier with output transformer. Available in balanced or unbalanced configuration. 14dB of gain, 6 line inputs, 2 outputs. Bandwidth 20 Hz – 50kHz. Tube complement: 6 ECC82, 2 ECC83, 2 EF86, 6 EL84. Shown in bottom picture at right.

VTL TL 2.5 i · PERFORMANCE Preamplifier


VTL TL 2.5 i PERFORMANCE Preamplifier: all-tube preamplifier is designed for performance – giving you music that is direct from the source, in the most realistic, colorless and truthful way we know how. This preamp is packed with features to give you the maximum control over all the audio and video sources in your system. Dimensions HxWxD: 19 x 15 x 4″. Weight: 25 lbs.