Cambridge Audio Azur 651P Phono Preamplifier


This little phono preamplifier will handle both inputs for MM and MC cartridge. It has been highly rated for its sonic quality and for being comparable to others costing two or three times its price!

Inside the Cambridge Azur 651P are parts that some $3,000 phono preamps would use. A phono preamp functions to boost the lowest levels and makes a tremendous amount of gain, particularly with the MC cartridges. The Cambridge Azur makes use of high speed and tight tolerance Wima capacitors, because when the signal is so small, parts tolerance is very important to performance. The critical high gain stages are also well shielded in their own circuitries, one for the MM and another for the MC sections. If you wanted to build a similar unit yourself, the parts alone would cost well over $300! Yet the Cambridge Azur 651P sells for only just $299.99. Dimensions: WxHxD: 1.8″x8.5″x5.2″. Weight: 2lbs.

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