Jadis JP30 MkIII MC Preamplifier with MM/MC Phono & Separate PS


The new JP30 MC MkIII incorporates several improvements over previous versions. The moving coil stage now utilizes Lundhal step up transformers for improved signal purity. In addition, tube regulation of the power supply is now incorporated. New double-sided copper circuit boards are also a new upgrade. The output stage incorporates special capacitors built to rigid Jadis specifications. In addition, the listener is now able to fine tune the sound of the phono section by substituting different types of capacitors. Another interesting optional feature for users is a configurable attenuator. This would minimize possible gain mismatches between various components. The JP30 uses 6 x ECC83, 1 x EF86 and 1 x EL84. It offers three line inputs, and two RIAA phono inputs; one MM and one MC. Gain is 26dB on the line inputs, 59dB on the MM and 80dB on the MC. Bandwidth 5Hz to 75KHz. Two chassis design with a total weight of 55 lbs.

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