Jadis JP80MC Preamplifier w/MM/MC Phono & Separate PS


The JP80MC is a stereo pre-amplifier with built in MM/MC phono and an outboard power supply. It is the most well known preamplifier made by Jadis due to its incredible sound quality. Its phono stage accepts all MM or MC cartridges even if they have very low impedance. This model is a great choice for any music lover. It uses 2 ECC88, 6 ECC83, 1 EF86, 1 EL84. Gain 20dB line level, 57 dB on MM phono and 84dB on MC phono. 4 line inputs, 1 MM input and 1 MC input. Bandwidth 20Hz – 50kHz. Shown in middle picture at right.

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