Mission 778X Amplifier


The iconic Mission 778x Amplifier had garnered many awards and accolade and to this date is a sought after amplifier. Forty-five years later, there is a TRUE replacements with many improvements. It includes combining a really good quality DAC so you can enjoy CDs and music streaming. As I am making up copy for this amplifier, I am listening to it at the same time. The music coming out of the new Mission 778X amplifier is distinctively Mission. Warm, not harsh, music rhythmic flow comes through makes you want tap your feet. What comes out of this 65 watts (@4 ohms) amplifier is pure music with plenty of detail and resolution. Now it equipped with a Pre-Amp output, so you can hookup a bigger amp or add subwoofer(s).  The Phono section is great sounding too with JFET based circuit that has high overload characteristics and very tube-like sound.  In 2023, the Mission 778X is more affordable than ever, it is just $995.00. Compared to the original, it is better sound, better equipped and adjusted for inflation, it is more affordable than ever!

Price $995.00

Limited Time Summer Specials on Mission ~ Price $799.00

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