NAD C316BEE v2 w/Phono Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Proprietary PowerDrive™ Circuit offers a remarkable combination of high current drive needed for complex loudspeaker loads combined with high levels of undistorted dynamic power. Bjørn Erik Edvardsen, our Director of Advanced Development, developed a simplified version of PowerDrive for the C 316BEE. Budget-friendly: True to our enviable reputation for creating some of the best performing budget amplifiers of all time, the C316BEE v2 delivers huge performance without the huge price tag. Dynamic Power Reserves: Continuous power is a conservative 40 watts and dynamic power, which is more important for music listening, is remarkably more than 100 watts! Far more usable power on tap than other amps at this price point. Stereophile Recommended and Better Rated than tube amplifiers: “I didn’t love the JoLida FX 10 as much as I’d hoped I would, but I loved the NAD C316BEE v2 more than I’d expected to. ” “But I was more impressed by the NAD’s ability to follow complex musical passages and make clear, truthful distinctions among musical instruments. While the JoLida FX 10 did a fine job of separating instruments in space, the NAD excelled at imparting the natural colors of Coleman’s alto sax and Don Cherry’s cornet, pulling the instruments apart and bringing them together beautifully, as if in fluid dance or warm embrace, as the song twisted, unraveled, turned, and walked away”. Dimensions HxWxD: 17.2 x 2.75x 9.5″ Weight: 11.5 lbs.

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