NAD D3020 v2 Digital Amplifier


The original NAD 3020 introduced a generation of Music Lovers to true high fidelity sound. In the ‘70’s over a million people rediscovered their music when they placed a NAD 3020 between their turntable and their loudspeakers. This little gem could embarrass amplifiers costing 10 times more with its big, warm and detailed sound. Once people realized what they had been missing it lead them to a lifetime of enhanced musical enjoyment.

REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE: Best Stereo Amp 2014 NAD D3020.

NAD rewrote the rules for amplifiers by designing the 3020 for the real world; instead of allowing laboratory test equipment to have the last word, they made sure that the amp could properly drive real loudspeakers with real music. The result of this real world approach was an amplifier that had less cost and more sound.

Today the source is more likely to be a computer or a smart phone then a turntable, but the ability to choose speakers that perfectly suit your taste is still a compelling argument for upgrading to a NAD amplifier. The D 3020 stars with the original NAD concept and takes it straight to the 21st century using the latest high speed digital technology.

Introduced late 2014, the NAD D3020 has garnered many “BEST OF’ awards from What Hi-Fi?, Stereophile, Absolute Sound, Sound and Vision, Hi-Fidelity, etc. Priced at only 649.00 Canadian, NAD D3020 v2 has also become our favorite pick at Pat’s Audio Art.

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