NAD Master Series M10 Integrated Amplifier with Network Streamer & DAC


Digital Amplification has come of age to rival High End Amplifiers. Pat’s AudioArt would like to alert you to the Hypex NCore Class D Amplification which NAD and others use. Not all Hpex NCore Amplifications are created equal though. Depending on implementation, the average Hpex NCore amplifiers although possessing many desirable features of a High End Amplifier, can be fatiguing to listen to. The pluses are Power Efficiency, Lack of Heat and Bulk, a very quiet background, and Open Sound. The NAD special implementation is different, it is Dead Silent, Powerful, Huge Soundstage, Accurate, and not Harsh or Fatiguing in the least, with an Overall Sweetness and Organic Musical quality. The $4700 NAD Master M27 (5 channel @ 180 Watts per channel @8 ohms) is a perfect example of an amplifier processing all those qualities. Now, NAD has put their design team to work their magic on the Hypex NCore Technology into an complete stereo streaming amplifier $3299. Pat’s Audio Art has had this product in stock since the second week of Feb, 2019. So just how good is the NAD Master M10? Our long term assessment is that it is a Stunning Audio Achievement, both in Sound Quality and Value. With a really good pair of speakers like the Nola Boxer 3 speakers for instance, we are getting sound quality that will embarrass other very expensive amplifiers from McIntosh, Bryston, Moon Audio, etc. Comparing the NAD Master M10 to these, you will hear a more silent background, more open and realistic soundstage, less harshness with better resolution, and watt for watt, the same dynamic excitement. I never thought that as a music lover, that I would say this for a Class D Digital Amplifier, but the fact is, Digital has come of age, and has sneaked up and become better in many ways. It will take very dedicated High End companies like Naim and Parasound Halo series, designed by John Curl to get on level terms or better than the Hypex NCore Technology as implemented by NAD in their Master Series. The NAD Master M10 is very new, and I have not seen any long term reviews on it yet, just Jan 2019 show reports from CES, Las Vegas. Let me be the first to truly recommend the NAD Master M10 to have sonic quality equal to that of any higher end amplifications at 5 times its price.

PRICE: ONLY $3299.00

Power: 100 watts per ch. 20 – 20KHz both channels drive @ 8 ohms, 160 Watts Dynamic Power at 8 ohms, and 300 Watts Dynamic Power at 4 ohms.
THD: Less than 0.03% from 0.4 Watt to 100 Watts, 8 or 4 ohms with Minimum Overall Negative Feedback.
DAC w/MQA will decode DSD, FLAC, WAV, AIFF. with sampling rate up to 32 bit/192 kHz PCM.
BluOS is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.
In Canada, we recommend TIDAL HiFi where MQA files will stream in 24 Bit/96 kHz sampling.
In the USA, we recommend Qobuz and TIDAL HiFi for Hi-res streaming.

We will do our best to meet or beat our Canadian competitor’s prices for new and current products.
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