VTL MB185 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers Series III


VTL MB185 MonoBlock Power Amplifiers Series III have been refined and improved from the Evolution of its Bigger brother the MB450 III. The upgrade to the Series III is pretty extensive with a complete rework of the signal path and new features added while retaining all the user friendliness of the previous model such as automatic tube biasing and comprehensive fault sensing. Another significant change to the MB-185 is the switch to EL-34 tubes. Long admired for their rich, natural and open sound, the EL-34s bring a distinctive new sonic signature to the amplifier that emphasizes the integration and inner details of music. The output transformer has been completely redesigned and carefully matched to complement the midrange purity and quick, taut bass of EL34s. 225 Watts in Tetrode, and 125 Watts in Triode. Dimensions HxWxD:18.5 x 18 x 9″. Weight: 85 lbs.

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