Stax SR-L300 Earspeaker


This review and others describe the incredible sound and value Stax offers, “in spite of the Stax being over a thousand dollars (List price) cheaper than the Jade2s (by themselves – no energizer/amp) they blow the HiFiMan cans out of the water. The amount of detail retrieval is an order of magnitude better, and the in-your-face perspective of the Stax still manage to give a soundstage that is at once wider and deeper.” The Stax SR-L300 Earspeakers needs Stax Drivers to power the Electrostatic Elements, which cost about the same or lower than most good Headphones Amplifiers. Match the Stax SR-L300 to the Incredible Stax SRM-D10 DAC and Energizer, and you have got a portable Electrostatics Headphones with heavenly sonic quality.

Price: $649 to $1880.00

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Stax SR-L300, Stax SR-L300 & Stax SRM-D10 DAC and Energizer