Meitner MA2 CD Player/DAC


This CD Player and DAC are built upon the EMM Labs digital decoding engine which is used by many Professionals. In fact, the more important circuits are the same. Like the MFAST Asynchronous Technology: The Meitner Frequency Acquisition System acquires the signal, then buffers and decouples it from the sending source, thus stripping our jitter completely. And the MDAT: 2X DSD upsampling: The Meitner Digital Audio Translator upsamples digital audio to 5.6 Mhz, Double the SACD standard sampling rate. The MDAC amd MCLK: Dual Differential Discrete D-to-A is Standard and the High Purity Master Clock Modules ensure end-to-end signal integrity. All these are circuits are found in the Meitner MA-1 and MA-2 as in the much more expensive EMM Labs DAC2 and DAC2X. Meitner is the top rated DAC and CD Player that is recommended by many editors and reviewers of audiophile journals.

Updated Software available: Clients who had purchased these units, please contact us to update software on your unit. It will greatly improve yet again in sound quality.

Meitner MA-2 CD Player/DAC – Price: $15,000.00

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