DALI Oberon 1 Bookshelf Speakers


“. . . wonderfully articulate performer that marries a bold, forthright nature with the kind of refinement and insight that’s rare at this level. . . . . start listening to the Oberon 1s at the end of a suitably talented system and you’ll find they’re capable of sonic feats the junior speakers only hint at. . . .they produce a quality of sound only the very best at this level can get close to.” What Hi-Fi. Highly rated and easy to drive, works well with many amplifiers. Amazing speakers and when you add an audiophile subwoofer like the Wharfedale SPC10 with 250 watts ($699), this speaker system at $1398 can rival ones in the $4000 range. Come book an audition and listen for yourself!

Walnut, Oak, White or Black ~ $799/pair

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Walnut, Oak, White, Black