KEF Q550 Floor Standing Tower Speakers (Pair)


KEF Q550 Floor Standing Tower Speakers (Sold in Pairs Only).
The KEF Q550 Towers maybe the smallest of the floor standers in the Q series, but they put out a huge sound. The KEF developed Uni-Q principle in the Q550 enables the sound to appear to emanate from a single, flawlessly coherent source. Other speakers generate sound kind of like diffused and out of focus appearing from where the woofer, midrange and tweeter are mounted separately. KEF Q Series reproduces sound as an exact analogue of how a microphone picked up sound and music. That is all the sound comes from a single point source. When music and film sound tracks are reproduced from a point source back into your listening room, they have an openness and sense of depth, and all frequencies comes into focus.

Available Finishes: Linear White, Linear Black, Walnut.
Dimensions HxWxD: 36.1 x 7.1 (11.6w/plinth) x 12.3”
Weight: 33 lbs each.
Price is for pair.

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Linear White, Linear Black, Walnut