NOLA Boxer S3 Bookshelf Speakers


With each reiteration since 2010, we have seen the Nola Boxer progress with lower mass drivers and tweeters, approaching those of the most expensive speakers in the world. The addition of the S version brings the Boxer much close to sonic quality of the Nola Reference Series which starts at $30,000 CAD. The S series (as in Nola Contender S3 and Nola Boxer S3) utilize very expensive pure silver monofilament internal wiring and Mundof oil and foil capacitors. Seldom seen in speakers costing less than $20,000. The crossovers are mechanical isolated and point to point hand wired. Pat’s Audio Art is proud to introduce the Nola S3 at $3500/pair USD to our market area. Come audition them and be prepared to be stunned and amazed.

NOLA Boxer 2 Bookshelf Speakers. $5500.00 / Pair.

We will do our best to meet or beat our Canadian competitor’s prices for new and current products.
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