NOLA Contender 3 Speakers (Pair)


The Nola Contender 3 is a slim floor-standing tower loudspeaker that is the step up from the very popular Nola Boxer bookshelf. Compared to the Boxer, the Contender offers sonic improvements in the areas of depth reproduction, dynamic range, low level resolution and bass extension. The low frequency response has been extended to a conservative 35 Hz with usable response to 25 Hz. The bass quality of the Contender, however, maintains the quick and nimble characteristic of the Boxer.

Stereophile Magazine, “(The Nola Contender). . .in a number of areas betters an earlier $12,000/pair model from the same designer. It’s refreshing to see a talented speaker designer put such serious effort into a product not geared for those with deep pockets. For those who hear the Nola Contender after not having heard a Carl Marchisotto design in a while, the choice may come down to only this: Piano Cherry or Piano Black?”

NOLA Contender 3 Speakers. Tower Speakers 44″ Tall. Just 8″ Wide. $7,000.00 / pair.

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