NOLA KO S3 Speakers (Pair)


The Nola KO S3 loudspeaker is the top model in the Boxer Collection. While it incorporates the easy to drive characteristics of other Boxer Collection models, it also incorporates state of the art concepts used in our top Reference Series products at a much more affordable price.

Utilizing our mirror-imaged short line source open baffle array, the Nola KO S3 provides the “open”, spacious, and transparent sound that sets Nola apart. The Nola KO S3 can fill medium to large rooms with ease, while providing very high sound quality.

Nelson Brill, Absolute Sound, “Listening to the cascading colors of the cimbalom in the system in Room #2 was like sitting right next to it on stage… As the final cimbalom note was lithely struck, I was left ravenously wishing for more!”

NOLA KO S3 Speakers. Tower Speakers 45″ Tall. Just 10″ Wide. $26,800.00 / pair.

We will do our best to meet or beat our Canadian competitor’s prices for new and current products.
Please phone 604-569-2883 and talk to Pat.

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