NOLA Metro Grand Reference III Speakers


The NOLA Metro Grand Reference Series III a compact floor standing loudspeaker that provides state of the art sound quality in small to medium rooms. The Metro Grand Reference Series III uses only one square foot of floor space. Technology developed for the Grand Reference VI and the Concert Grand Reference have been “trickled down” to provide performance that is the cutting edge for what can be achieved in this size platform.

Absolute Sound, ” With the Nola Metro Grand Reference, master loudspeaker designer Carl Marchisotto has successfully created a loudspeaker with much of the performance of his impressive Baby Grand Reference loudspeaker in a smaller package that should be at home in smaller listening environments. The Metro Grand offers a tremendous sense of spaciousness, air, and naturalness, and has an uncanny ability to transport you to the concert hall. This fine loudspeaker, which could be called a baby “Baby Grand Reference,” produces beautifully lifelike, dynamic sound, and does a wide range of music very well — from small-scale works to large ones in all musical genres. It should definitely be on your short-list. Like the Dahlquist DQ-10, Nola’s Metro Grand Reference may one day become a classic.”

NOLA Metro Grand Reference III Speakers. Tower Speakers 45″ Tall. $33,750.00 / pair.

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