NOLA Micro Grand Reference Gold Speakers


The NOLA Micro Grand Reference Gold is a stand mounted loudspeaker that utilizes the same driver and crossover technology as other Reference Gold models such as the Baby Grand Reference Gold. Unlike most stand mounted speakers, the Micro Grand Reference Gold utilizes our 3½ way UnisonTM crossover, four driver technology — basically a reduced size version of our statement floor standers. The driver array utilizes our 45 degree, mirror-imaged concept for midrange and tweeter. The twin 120mm gold magnesium cone woofers are now driven by massive Alnico ring magnets for increased definition, clarity and even lower distortion. The solid copper phase plugs are gold plated to provide damping by the soft gold layer over the solid copper. This concept eliminates any last vestige of coloration from these drivers. Bass is tighter with more impact. The 110 mm tri-laminate dipole midrange also uses an Alnico magnet for the lowest possible distortion.

NOLA Micro Grand Reference Gold Speakers. Bookshelf Sized Speakers 24″ Tall with Bases. $27,750.00 / pair.

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