Bergmann Odin Linear Tracking Air-Bearing Tonearm


Bergmann Odin Linear Tracking Air-Bearing Tonearm.
Amore elaborate version of the successful Bergmann Magne ST Linear Tracking Air Bearing Tonearm with adjustable Azimuth Plate, Tonearm Tube is a double seamless carbon design with dampening in between with one piece Tonearm Cable to DIN Connector. The Ultimate performing Bergmann Odin Tonearm floats on a bed of air and is totally frictionless. Simplicity and Elegant, the Bergmann Odin tonearm achieves Zero Friction and Zero Tracking Error – what conventional tonearms, no matter how much they cost, cannot do.

$14,880 Including Air Supply.
$10,880 Tonearm Only.
$4,380 Air Supply Only.

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