Last Vinyl Record Preservative


There is no reason NOT to use Last preservative. Tech Radar: “This preservative, however, is perhaps the most remarkable product in the LAST catalogue. It is a colourless, odourless fluid that is spread on the playing surface of an LP and it is claimed that it makes the disc much more resilient against the damage that can be done by a stylus. It leaves no residue and is very easy to apply: just half-fill the supplied pipette as instructed, squirt the Preservative on the applicator, and wipe this round the grooved area.” “But can it work? Chemically, it seems plausible, but the acid test, which I applied, is to take two fresh, identical discs, treat one and play the same section of both 30 times. Boring – but illuminating, as the LASTed one was clearly the fresher sounding of the two at the end. Not only that, but it also seemed a little more precisely detailed even on the first playing. In other words, it does indeed work as claimed.” NOTE: Last Preservative leaves NO residue: we’ve put droplets on clear vinyl, it just evaporates away and vinyl is clear as a bell.

Last 2 oz preservative (will treat 200 sides of LPs) $89.99
Also available, Last stylus treatment with High Density Brush $69.99

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