Well-Tempered Amadeus Mk II Turntable with Tonearm


The Amadeus was our first and original design that featured the now quite famous and innovative “golf ball” tone arm. The MKII version has the same dual layer MDF plinth and acrylic platter along with our recently developed Symmetrex tone arm.

“Amadeus reaches stratospheric heights of performance at a moderate price” – Golden Ear Award Winner 2009, The Absolute Sound (Amadeus).
• Symmetrex tone arm configuration
• “Zero Clearance” platter bearing
• Servo controlled motor with vibration controlled mounting
• 0.004” polyester thread belt
• Fully damped tonearm featuring precision made golf ball suspended in silicone fluid for optimum variable damping
• Easy azimuth adjustment Fixed headshell with no fussy setup
• Acrylic platter
• Dual layer lacquered MDF sandwich construction plinth
• Isolation feet included
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6 Moons Audio Review:
“The most immediately noticeable sonic trait was an exceptionally quiet jet-black background no doubt due to the deck’s almost complete absence of extraneous noise. Provided I used a clean quiet pressing, this allowed me to hear deep into recordings and observe all manner of subtle musical details. To further flog an already well-beaten reviewer cliché, it was like hearing my records for the first time.”

Tone Magazine:
“Record noise was absent and the background was so quest that to invoke the old cliche of calling it black doesn’t really cut it. Nothing, zip, zero – the Amadeus plays only what’s not he vinyl and not one iota more…if I’d been told that the price was two, three or even five times as much, I’d still consider it a good buy”.

Absolute Sound:
“At anywhere near the price point, it is hard to fault the Amadeus. The combination of superbly quiet, stable, solid, low-distortion playback with unusually good bass performance…one could spend a lot more money, but I would listen carefully to the Amadeus first. It is something exceedingly fine, far beyond its modest price”.

“Like other WTL products of my experience, the Amadeus Mk.II had a musically involving sound—good timing, very good momentum and flow—combined with the sorts of spatial accomplishments and lack of obvious colorations that I associate with more traditional high-end audio products.”

The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus received “Product of the Year” in New Zealand’s most ready Hi-Fi publication “AudioEnz”. Editor Michael Jones writes “The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus is special. It’s one of those products that makes reviewing hi-fi so very exciting. The Amadeus is my product of the year.”

Price: $4199.00

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